Dedicated Servers

Single CPU Servers

RAM Drives Bandwidth

Intel Xeon X3430

CPU Benchmark: 3,813

Quad core Intel CPU. The perfect entry-level managed server, perfect for light use from multiple websites.

4GB 1 x 500GB SATA 4,000GB

Intel Core i7 920

CPU Benchmark: 5514

A solid performer, perfect for heavy database use. Quad core CPU with Intel Hyper-Threading and Turbo Boost Technologies.

6GB 1 x 500GB SATA 4,000GB

Dual CPU Servers

Dual Intel Xeon 5620

CPU Benchmark: 9530

This dual CPU monster comes with 8 CPU cores @2.4Ghz. Perfect for high-demand CPU intensive applications and database driven sites. Solid state drives (SSD) available.

6GB 1 x 750GB SATA 4,000GB

Dual Intel Xeon X5650

CPU Benchmark: 15335

Our flagship server, the dual CPU x5650 backs your site with 12 CPU cores of raw power. Ideal for the most demanding websites and applications. Solid state drives (SSD) available.

6GB 1 x 1000GB SATA 4,000GB

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